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Hello... I'm Andrea!

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Workplace wellbeing is about good habits.


Workplace wellbeing isn't words on a wall it's an ethos and a cultural orientation. Mostly, it's about good habits because leaders need to be well to lead well.


I'm dedicated to showing you how to create a healthier, happier workplace.

Think we're a fit? Let's find out!

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I'm not your cup of tea if...
I'm TOTALLY your jam if...
🚫 You're not sure why employee happiness even matters anyway
✅ You know that people need to BE well to lead well & expand their impact
🚫 You give lip service to employee wellbeing but don't take action
✅ You aspire to have a culture of wellbeing, but don't know where to start
🚫 You only want to LOOK like you're supporting your people
✅ You already have programs in place, but you aren't seeing the engagement you'd like
🚫 You expect your teams to perform like machines
✅ You know that people are individuals & deserve to be treated as such

(Still reading? We've probably seen each other waiting for the post-credit scenes of the last Marvel movie - sorry 😪 DC fans, which makes me even more sure that you are my people.)

What matters is that I've learned the secret to how human behavior really works (Spoiler Alert: It's not what you think). 

Because ⎯ through my extensive work with Dr. BJ Fogg, NY Times best-selling author of Tiny Habits and founder of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and as faculty in the Tiny Habits Academy ⎯ I know change can be easy.


That's if you know what levers to pull and how to apply these fascinating, yet simple principles to your own life and business.


And that, my new friend, is what I do.  But please, don't take my word for it. 

Here's what some of the organizations I've worked with are saying.

Andrea is a gifted coach and speaker. She brings exactly the right amount of energy, empathy, and passion to her extensive knowledge of Tiny Habits.


I have partnered with her on multiple programs and each time she delivers a program where participants feel as if they have just completed an extensive one-to-one coaching session! 


​Regina Bruske Wootton

Resource Coordinator Alumni Career & Professional Development

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While I asked her to speak to students on how best to present themselves and their ideas, Andrea went beyond and connected with students across various meaty topics. She helped students to understand how to manage stress before, during and after their presentations. Her tips about structure and planning gave students a strong foundation from which to build quality presentations. Most importantly, Andrea gave my students confidence to sell thoughts, ideas and executions to the best of their abilities. 


Jenny Buschhorn

Associate Professor of Practice in Advertising

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For well over a decade, Andy Spyros has been my go-to person for learning cutting edge techniques for focus, performance, attitude and habits. She's naturally wired to see beyond what the rest of us see, and with that talent, she shows you how to get more out of life and work.

...She asks provocative questions, takes your thinking beyond where it currently sits, and gets people excited to learn. 


​Nancy Marmolejo

Leadership & Branding Expert

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Feeling like this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship?  Me too.
Drop your info below and let's keep in touch!

Thanks... you're in!

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