Hello! I'm Andrea

I work with organizations that work with human beings.


Think 🧠 that's you? Let's see!

I'm not for you if you:
❌ expect your teams to perform like machines
❌ only want to look like you're supporting your people
❌ give lip service to employee well-being but don't take action


My work with Dr. BJ Fogg, NY Times best-selling author of Tiny Habits 📗 and founder of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and the Tiny Habits Academy has shown me that change can be easy. I've learned the secret to how human behavior really works (spoiler alert: It's not what you think). 


We're probably a great fit if you:
✳️ have programs in place but aren't seeing the engagement you'd like
✳️ have a culture of well-being, but you haven't had the success you've wanted
✳️ aspire to have a culture of well-being but don't know where to start
✳️ know that people need to be well to lead well and expand their impact
✳️ understand that your employees' impact goes far beyond your organization into the world

Contact me: Andrea.Spyros@TinyHabitsCoach.com 


🏆What clients say: 
🏆Change expert Andrea Spyros is a rock star. As a keynote speaker or on the corporate stage, she explains Behavior Design in a way that transforms, motivates, and inspires. Judy Oskam, Professor, Texas State University

🏆Andrea is able to make complex topics like behavior change both accessible and exciting. Our alumni liked her first webinar so much that they demanded a sequel! Matthew Temple, Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

❓Still reading❓ We've probably seen each other waiting for the end bits of the last Marvel movie. 🎥🍿

Fun 🎉 facts about me:
🎹 OK-Go enjoyer
❤️ a good Venn-diagram
🏠 Home show binge watcher
🎸 Perpetual bass guitar beginner
🎨 B-school grad with an Art school vibe


If any of that resonates, contact me: Andrea.Spyros@TinyHabitsCoach.com

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