Are you inspired to create a new way of being in business? One where community is a priority and employees love what they do and where they are doing it?


Are you overwhelmed with the idea of creating a brand,  marketing yourself or your company?


Are you tired of feeling like you have to hide the messy side of yourself to be successful?


Are you ready to look inside yourself to move beyond your inner obstacles? 


Are you motivated to optimize employee innovation, engagement, productivity, and profits?

Hi, I’m Andrea!


And I help high achievers, leaders and their teams realign with their goals.



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I blend modern science, ancient wisdom, and practical business basics on a mission to create a holistic view of the workplace. 
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When you work with me I'll share the essential insights I gained beyond business school that allowed me to become an industry leader. Owning one of LA’s Top 25 Gift Shops for almost two decades.


When I’m not designing new Tiny Habits®, you can find me painting, playing bass guitar, or amusing my friends with geeky math jokes.


I could go into my successes here, (and I’m more than ready to humblebrag anytime) because I’ve overcome a lot and have a pretty rad story. But I feel like a bio is just a "head thing" not my aim, which are real heart things.


The truth is it's really what I'd love people to believe, but I'm hiding parts of me…


the messy parts.


Because who wants to be messy?


not me! ;( see my sad face?


but we are all messy in so many ways.

In fact, I've spent most of my life trying to get it all feel like I had it all together...trying to look like I was OK when I felt like crying. . .being overrun by my emotions. . .trying to make my life seem like it was anything but messy


. . .move along nothing to see here. 

But no matter what I did, life was messy even in the best of times! And life IS messy.
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No one tells you that. 


There were times along my journey where I was sure things would not turn out. I had to get uncomfortable and move through my fears to align with my goals. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy but it was is always worth it.


How about you? 

Sound familiar?

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Let me walk next to you and together we can work through those messy parts. Let’s open the door to that messy closet you’ve been avoiding and start to organize. Let’s work with the mess.


I’ll give you the tools to help you move through imbalance and uncertainty. You will learn to embrace your personal framework, expand your capacity to handle change, and, most importantly, how to keep aligning and realigning with your dreams and aspirations.

Your life is not meant to be lived small, afraid of the mess, people-pleasing to fit in, and feeling like an imposter when you succeed. 

I will teach you to embrace your mess and own your success. 

A part of me still thinks that I will get it all together and it will stay there. . .but the bigger part of me knows that's not true. . .that balance is not the objective or the end goal.


Deep connections require deep sharing and listening and most of all require being REAL, like in the moment present and real.

I don’t know your story yet, but I do know one thing everyone has in common who comes to my site or engages with me.


And that's the fact they are human. . .I mean really human. . .chocolate-cake-eating-at-3 a.m. human, the “bad cry” human, the I-can’t-believe-I-said-that human. 

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So if you're tired of putting on a persona when you put on your work clothes you are not alone. 


Come work with me. I delight in the mess that makes us human. I understand that without embracing that part of yourself you will remain stuck, but by giving yourself permission to be human and messy you will align with your true nature. 


I will help you do what you've already been wanting to do and I will help you feel successful.

This is what I deliver.