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From an early age, I combined business and creative pursuits selling hand-painted rocks door to door in my suburban Chicago neighborhood. Although I turned a tidy profit,  I can't say I padded my college fund much! I had a unique ability to connect with my neighbors and had no concerns about pricing my work or fears that it wasn't good enough. Oh, the joys of being a naive five-year-old. By second grade, I had decided I was no longer an "artist," but I did continue to make art. 

I'd love to say high school debate primed me for my current career of public speaking, but I'd be lying. In truth, I learned to speak far too quickly (and unintelligibly) for most people. On top of that, I feared getting up in front of strangers and couldn't stand the sound of my own voice. #lifeironies

Without any clear career paths, I decided University of Michigan Business School would be the blank canvas that would be the foundation for my life. . .after all, to me everything was business! Interestingly enough, all my friends were in art school. At one point, a fellow B-School student praised my insights and approach to a project and wished aloud more art school students would enroll in business classes. I still laugh about that to this day. I was in all his classes so he must have thought I was superhuman to also attend art classes! (PS I am almost superhuman.)

Never fitting the mold, I opened a 5000 square foot gift store that rented space out to artists. Here I created a thriving community of artists, employees, customers and other stakeholders. Over 18 years, I launched over 1000 artists' businesses. Some were solely contained within the store while others went on to sell their products internationally. Several artists even sold their companies and had successful exits. I became an industry leader and began my public speaking side hustle.

My own personal growth and leadership journey (messy and painful) was fuel for my talks and I shared the unconventional wisdom I learned along the way. Once I found Tiny Habits® and Behavior Design, I knew I'd found the missing link to the challenges facing people in my workshops. Leaders and high achievers proud of their accomplishments had shameful secrets of work left undone to spite "knowing better." Team leaders lost in hours-long pointless meetings wringing their hands and losing sleep over projects that were over budget and behind schedule. Poorly designed products or services helping no one. This was the system and these were the tools that could support people in turning challenges into action quickly and efficiently and without judgment. This was a system that could help everyone lead happier, healthier lives.

I share this system because I'm driven to support organizations in creating a better world. I believe when organizations apply these models, methods and maxims they are the quickest, most efficient path to changing the world for the better; changing the world so people can be happier and healthier; changing the world so that people can have more joy, meaning and fulfillment.

To that end, I'm not interested in helping anyone get more of anything simply to have more. If you want more customers, more sales, more market share simply to have it, I'm not for you. If, on the other hand, you want to genuinely be of service, make greater impact in the world and make the world a a better place, I'm in!

I believe in joy in the journey.

I believe in the power of community.

I believe that organizations that put their people first and lead with empathy and compassion can change the world.

And...if you've read this far, you probably believe that, too.



Oh. . .and now I do consider myself an artist! Soon you'll be able to see my work online!

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Matthew Temple

 Senior DirectorAlumni Career & Professional Development

Kellogg Northwestern University

Andrea is an incredible presenter and coach who brings openness, positivity, humanity, and humor to connect with people.  She is able to make complex topics like behavior change both accessible and exciting.  Our alumni liked her first webinar so much that they demanded a sequel!

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Dr. Judy Oskam
Professor Texas State University | Gallup Certified Strengths Coach | Tiny Habits® Certified Coach

Change expert Andrea Spyros is a rock star. As a keynote speaker or on the corporate stage, she explains behavior design in a way that transforms, motivates and inspires. She collaborates with experts from around the world and teaches audiences valuable strategies. An engaging storyteller, she gives boots on the ground advice with a welcome dose of humor and kindness.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 11.53_edited.jpg

Aash Shravah

3 Million Miler | Business Travel Expert | Travel Management Professional

Writer & Podcast Host at BusinessTravel360.com

When I first connected with Andrea, I was immediately impressed by her professionalism.  But more than that I was intrigued by her ability to connect with people by being engaging and truly listening. Her expertise in behavior-change models and her ability to apply them drew my interest as the travel industry is full of behavior-led initiatives. She is a delight to work with and her energy is contagious.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 12.37.04 PM.png

Annette Richmond
Career Storyteller | Principal career intelligence Resume Writing

Have to give a big shout-out to Andrea who delivered a smart, engaging presentation. She has the ability to explain complex ideas, provide actionable advice and think on her feet to answer audience questions. I look forward to working with her again.