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Andrea has a variety of programs available tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your organization. A selection of her most requested topics is here. Andrea is also available to host, facilitate or moderate your event.

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An engaging storyteller, she gives boots-on-the-ground advice with a welcome dose of humor and kindness. 

Andrea Spyros is a rock star. As a keynote speaker or on the corporate stage, she explains Behavior Design in a way that transforms, motivates, and inspires.

Judy Oskam, Professor Texas State University


Whether she is training teams undergoing major change, top performers trying to get to the next level  or an all-hands meeting focusing on personal wellness, Andrea delivers both the strategies and the tools to implement consistently and achieve change mastery.


Andrea is no ordinary keynote. Audiences leave her presentation inspired with the tools to take on the next challenge. Andrea delivers an unforgettable and transformative experience.


Custom tailored to your team or organization, Andrea brings the full breadth of her knowledge, wisdom, and experience to improved performance, increased resilience and well-being and lasting behavior change..

Emcee Events

As a Master of Ceremonies or Event host, Andrea knows how to make your event come to life and engage your audience. She adapts her style to any event format or audience all while delivering your message.

Facilitate Events

Having a facilitator can make your virtual event feel more personal and authentic  Her experience facilitating virtual events will make your participants feel more connected, stay more present and feel more successful.

Moderate Events

Andrea is able to moderate your virtual events to ensure guests are having a great time and staying engaged. She will answer questions, interact in the comments, highlight key points, and help create a memorable experience.

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Tiny Habits®

Your organization will learn the Tiny Habits Method and how to apply it to their professional and personal outcomes because success leads to success.

Unlocking the Myth of Motivation

Stop trying to motivate behavior change! Find out what to do instead. Using the science of Behavior Design, you will learn the keys to designing successful products, services, and systems.


Andrea delivered a smart, engaging presentation. She has the ability to explain complex ideas, provide actionable advice and think on her feet to answer audience questions. 

Annette Richmond, Career Intelligence

Image by Jametlene Reskp

Behavior Change by Design

Stop struggling with products, services, and systems that no one uses. Learn the 7-step system of BJ Fogg's science of Behavior Design.


Procrastinate Later

Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but chronic procrastination has a toll beyond being less productive. Learn the basics of Behavior Design to eliminate chronic procrastination.

Alleviating Angst & Anxiety

Whether your team is remote, in-person, or hybrid, angst and anxiety can keep them from thriving. This experiential session guides participants through proven practices that reduce anxiety in the body.

Image by Uday Mittal

Andrea brings clarity, empathy, and humor to complicated topics.

Fists in Solidarity

Employee Engagement & Culture Change

Whether your team is remote, in-person, or hybrid, it's time to go beyond engagement to thriving. Use behavior science to create the culture that creates change.

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