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3 Quick Steps to Prepare for the Lunar New Year

Invite Prosperity into Your Life by Clearing, Cleaning, and Changing Things Up.

Friday February 12th marks the Lunar New Year,. You may know it as Chinese New Year. The Chinese calendar is more solar based than our fixed Western calendar. The Lunar New Year marks the first new moon of their calendar year.

In many Asian cultures, this is a time to usher in abundance for the year. Using the tools set before us in the art of Feng Shui and paying attention to the details from the calendar you can set up your year for fresh beginnings.

Togetherness is a big part of the celebration. Families gather from far and wide to celebrate together. They share in their wealth and participate in parades and dances. They cook and prepare their homes for new energy to come inside.

This year, 2021, gatherings will be few or non-existent, but there are things you can do at home or in the office to prepare your space for the new year. In fact, these are things you should always do before the new year. They clear out the old energy and allow space for the new.

The Lunar New Year has always resonated with me and every year I prepare my home to invite prosperity into my life. Some years I have more time to dedicate to the process than others. That’s okay. A little goes a long way. By opening up the energy in your life to welcome in the new year you are planting seeds to sprout and grow throughout the year.

Below are 3 Quick Steps to Prepare for the Lunar New Year.

1 - Clear

The pile of papers stacked on your desk (or all over your desk like me) or side table (me too!) need to be tackled. So do all the unworn clothes in your closet and old medicine in your bathroom cabinet.

Decluttering can feel very overwhelming. The best way to tackle this is one part of one room at a time. It will give you encouragement once one room is done. That’s why I suggest starting in an easy space or a space you are in often. This will give you visible feedback to keep you going.

Make a check-list and feel the reward as you check off each one room by room.

  • Put things away. Everything in your space should have a home. If an item doesn’t have a home, create one for it.

  • Recycle and throw out. Go through your stacks of undone filing and file it away. Keep only what you need and recycle, shred or throw out the rest.

  • Donation pile. Look through your clothes and unused items and determine if it’s still serving some purpose in your space. If not, there are many organizations and charities who would gladly take them off your hands. (My secret tip for clothing: turn all the hangars around on the rod. When you wear one put it back the right way. At the end of the year it's really clear what needs to go.)

2 - Clean

If you have started the clearing process, then you are well on your way to seeing a cleaner home. Don’t beat yourself up in this department, just do your best.

I like to break cleaning into good, better, best categories.

  • Good would be sweeping the floor and vacuuming. Dusting off counter tops and wiping down the windows and mirrors.

This may be all you have time or energy to do. That works! This could turn into a habit that will begin to produce big change.

  • Better would be to get into the highs and lows. Instead of just sweeping, you mop, you scrub the bathtub, sink and vanity down. Pull out the ladder and get into those high spaces that home unseen cobwebs and dust. Pull seat cushions up and vacuum the furniture.

  • Best would be cleaning it all. Pull everything out of the fridge and get rid of anything that’s been sitting. Open the freezer and get rid of that ice cream with the freezer burn. Do the same with your pantry, cupboards and closets.

When you pull everything out of these spaces it allows you to start from a clean slate. Giving you the opportunity to wipe out and clean in the back corners, then putting everything back with intention.

Tackling one or any of these things will help any space to feel refreshed and allow you the space to invite new energy in.

3 - Change

A new year means new beginnings. Very often changing something up in your environment is just what the doctor ordered. It helps you see from a new perspective and creates new pride in your space.

Ideas for change could range from

  • Add a new doormat and/or plants to your front entryway.

  • Add a new throw pillow or decorative throw to your bed. Change up the decorations on your bedside table or get new lamps.

  • But some new hand soap containers for your bathroom or kitchen sink.

  • If you're feeling more energetic, moving the furniture around in a room. We get so used to a layout in a room that we forget we have options. Moving the couch to the other wall, bringing in a new mirror, or brightening it up with some paint or a new throw pillow can instantly move energy in a room.

All these things will refresh your home. They can set you up for positive energy because you just created space for more to come in.

There's an endless number of things you can do to prepare for the Lunar New Year. I recommend checking out my friend Katie Weber's website, RedLotusLetter.com for a ton of information on how to prepare and hold blessings throughout the year.

Do what you can with the time and energy you have, don't make this an excuse for stress. The best Feng Shui is a calm and grounded You!

Last year I did it all. I totally re-did my pantry, got new containers, painted the shelves. I scrubbed out my fridge and freezer, I threw away old condiments, bought new. I even got under the kitchen sink and repainted and reorganized. I scrubbed every tub, shower, sink, vanity, cupboard. I wiped off the crystals on my light fixtures. I got into the nooks and crannies, the highs, the lows.

This year is different. Especially since, I just learned that toilet overflows are silent, wood floors swell and even the sturdiest of kitchen pots can break. I also learned a that baking soda and vinegar can be used for more than just high school science fair volcanoes.

This year, I'll tidy up as best I can and do a light cleaning. I'll buy bulbs and display cherry blossoms if I can find them. I'll put a bowl of oranges on the table since my friend shared some from her tree and the kids and I will roll them in through the front door symbolizing wealth rolling into our home.

Typically we would eat out, but this year we will plan a special meal pandemic style and order something in.

It’s the year of the Metal Ox, representing the steadfast consistency of life. This feels very fitting as we are all holding steadfast in our own lives currently. Persistence is the key this year and so I'll be persisting in taking small steps to get ready for the new year.

By welcoming the Lunar New Year, you are opening yourself up to new and fresh experiences. Clearing out the old, both mentally and physically feels like a new beginning. You can go as deep with this as you like. There is a ton of information out there to assist your journey.

I am part of a Feng Shui group where we guide people through clearings throughout the year. If you are interested in knowing more about that contact me and I can get you set up.

I wish you and your family all the blessings of the new year.

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