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Be the Judge of Your Own Truth through Discernment

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Exercise Your Muscle of Discernment by Tuning in to Your Inner Truth

Have you ever had the experience of knowing you were meant to be somewhere at a certain time? Perhaps you can recall a time when you just knew you should turn around and not finish that gorgeous hike. A moment of clarity beyond anything your rational mind could comprehend.

There’s a story told by the American Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce where he once stood waiting for an office building elevator. When the door opened there were many passengers inside making room for him to come in. He noticed something of a dark aura around each one of the passengers and decided to wait for the next elevator.

Moments after the door closed the elevator plummeted several stories resulting in the death of everyone on board.

He described the feeling as an inner knowing.

Being in tune with the whisper inside that guides us.

It feels lately that these moments, though we all have them, should be more commonplace than they are. If we took the time to in tune to our own inner guides we would notice these “odd coincidences” in our everyday life.

Distrust in running high. Fake news is as prevalent as real news so we pick and choose what we like.

This is dangerous because we all come with baggage full of biases. Prejudices that we’ve taken on as part of our family, friends, schools, cultures, and regions of the world. Many we might not even be fully aware of.

It’s time to dial up our filters. Look at things happening in our world from a place of truth. The inner wisdom we all possess. Not the cognitive biases we are prone to.

Things are never as black and white as we make them out to be.

For instance, there are spiritual leaders, authors, musicians, and pretty much everyone I like who lives a very public life who I don’t necessarily agree with or even like. But I can discern the truth that is evident to me in their work without having to make an idol out of the messenger.

Some of my darkest hours have been spent accompanied by the words of my favorite musician, who I met last year and was completely disenchanted by.

An author whose series brought magic and wonder to my soul has spoken out on issues I concretely disagree with.

A yoga teacher whose classes raise my vibration, but who’s spiritual math is not in the same field.

You probably have a similar experience. And it is okay.

You can follow a message without agreeing with the person saying it. You don’t have to like everything someone says or does to find agreement with them.

You get to decide what is true for you. You can choose to see the truth that resonates with you without accepting the falsehoods you feel.

You get to discern for yourself, but you cannot discern the truth for someone else. And because we may have different truths, we cannot judge another for the way they see life.

Trying to understand why others feel and do things in a different way is fatiguing.

You cannot discern truth for anyone but yourself.

What does that discernment look like to you?

We all need a higher level of discernment because the resources were’ used to have been co-opted.

There is so much distrust I don’t know what to believe.

How about you?

What are the guidelines for your own discernment?

How do you trust a source?

We are being called to tune into what's true inside us.

We all have the ability, but most of us have been taught to look outside ourselves for the answers.

Hundreds of workers from the twin towers in New York called out sick the morning of 9-11. Why is that do you think?

What must have been going on in their minds as the nation watched the horror that ensued that morning.

Those tiny whispers that they were all attuned to.

Tune in to that.

Tiny Whisper every day over the little things.

Listen to those whispers to build your muscle of discernment. Tune into your body. How does it feel? Don't let your mind talk you out of it.

Keep a notepad of discernment. Note when you followed your intuition and how it turned out. Or when you heard whispers and ignored them.

Even if you don’t follow your discernment you are building the muscle by making note of it.

Build trust in that connection.

Ask your intuition why you're doing things, then listen to the answer it gives you. Notice how it feels in your body, not what the ego is screaming.

When your body tells you to go left instead of right and you do, you are aligning with the energy of the moment.

Your higher self feels seen and heard.

When this happens you are aligned with the universe and there is a relaxation there because you are honoring yourself.

What are your overarching guidelines for discernment?

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself this before. Like all things, you need to let the universe know what you're looking for. You must put that framework out there so you know when it’s singing with your soul. Using it as a guidepost to the kinds of things you want to experience in life.

If you want to experience more joy, use that as your guidepost when discerning what feels true for you.

For me, my truth is honoring myself. Something I often ignore. I tend to ignore the whispers telling me to rest when I know I could use the time to complete something on my “to-do” list.

I end up fatigued and grumpy because I over-stressed my nervous system. Causing me to be more distant and less present.

In my heart I know I want to be more naturally open. I want to jump into the snow pile instead of over-think how cold it will be and how snow might fall in my boot and make me all wet, cold and uncomfortable.

To me that's joy, that would be honoring myself.

If you tuned in to your whisper what does that look and feel like to you?

If you prioritize your truth would you feel more in-tune with your own discernment?

Honoring yourself is understanding what you really want. Not the expectations from outside sources like family, friends, and society.

That is old programming. Running often from our childhood

Even if you did one thing that filled your cup up and you made a tiny habit of it, it could overflow into all areas of your life and create more and more positive growth.

This year say, “No,” to New Year’s Resolutions; Say. “Yes,” to Tiny Habits®

Let’s use 2021 to become more connected to the inner whisper inside ourselves. Let’s discern the best way to accomplish our personal truths.

Don’t become a slave to the details, just find what works for you.

If you want to lose weight, but running 3 miles a day isn’t your way then quit saying you should do that and start focusing on ways that make sense for you.

What is your inspiration? Maybe it’s a meet-up group where you can build trust with others in the same boat and share success strategies.

If you are inspired, follow it instead of talking yourself out of it.

Like me with Tiny Habits. I typically don’t go for certifications because I don’t feel I use them, but in the case of tiny habits I followed that inspiration and now I’m friends and colleagues with BJ Fogg, I’m doing more speaking engagements than ever before, and I’m in the process of writing my first book. All because I followed that which inspired me.

I could have talked myself out of it, but I didn’t let my ego full of “what if’s” get in my way.

Listen to the Yes inside.

Your ego will try and keep you small by keeping you in the safe and familiar. But the more you open up to do things, the more natural opening up will become.

Be open to being open.

Let’s work together to create tiny habits for discovering your true discernment.

Shoot me a line and let me know what you want to be more open to?

Edgar Cayce spent years of his life developing his muscle of attunement to his natural nature. By the end of his life, he could discern for himself easily by continuing to let the whispers inside take greater presence than the intercoms outside himself. He chose his own discernment over that of others directing him in ways that made no sense.

Now, it’s time for you to do that for yourself.

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