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Change Your Energy, Change Your Luck!

Feng Shui in a Season of Change

Never in my life do I remember feeling so much drain around the end of the year. 2020 was a year of upheaval, uncertainty and unpredictability. In addition, I'm in the US and this past presidential election has my mind still foggy with all kinds of muck. Since then and with the New Year approaching, I have been circling the idea of change. It is the only constant after all.

So what’s this to do with Feng Shui?


Most likely you’ve heard about Feng Shui. You might even own a book or two on the subject. It’s fun, it makes sense on some level and it shows how you can work with your environment to bring positive change into your life.

Every year brings new beginnings.

Think about the change that happens in our minds between December 31 and January 1. In reality, nothing has changed, yet something inside us can feel a freshness. It’s a new year and anything feels possible.

Maybe it has something to do with my many years of retail when I was too drained from a busy holiday season to bring in the new year with any gusto, but I have always been more drawn to the Lunar New Year. By the time it rolls around in late January or early February, I’m recharged and ready to go. This is also why I feel drawn to the practice of Feng Shui.

Here in the Western world, the most common form of Feng Shui works with the front door as your Career sector. I don't practice this form of Feng Shui. (If it's working for you, fantastic! If not, or if you're not using Feng Shui, read on.)

I am a student of Flying Star Feng Shui where actual compass directions are important and time is an essential element.

Intuitively, you'll understand this. We all make adjustments as the season changes. From Summer to Winter you do things to align your home to the environment. Clean the gutters, turn on the heat, bring plants in from outside. We even make changes during the day doing different things in the morning, afternoon and evening.

We are always aligning to our environment.

I love Feng Shui because you get to play an active role in the process.

It’s about understanding the energy around your environment and using that knowledge to help it support you. After all, a healthy environment should support you. Your job is to help it along.

You still need to take action. Things can happen magically with Feng Shui, but more than likely you’re gonna need to take action.

Why is this all important?

Energy is always changing. Year by year, minute to minute. When you learn to incorporate Tiny Habits® into your routine to direct your energy towards positive growth monumental change will follow. Feng Shui is just another avenue to guide you.

Below are Practical steps to guide you through this energy

Let's begin with the basics.

  1. Make a diagram of your home. Have fun with it. I recommend using grid paper to help with dimensions. The more accurate your diagram, the better results you will have, but I've done work for clients with a simple unmeasured diagram and gotten good results.

  2. Make a 9 sector grid like a tic-tac-toe game and place it right on top of the diagram matching the main sides to the edges of the box. Again, a great reason to use grid paper.

  3. Get a compass and mark the directions on the diagram. A helpful hint here is to start by facing your front door from the inside of your home and use your compass to locate that direction. Once you have that locate North, East, South, and West then, fill in NE, SE, SW, NW.

  4. Once this is done you can then find the areas of your home you need to activate or remedy for the coming year. Katie's got a great article here.

For more in-depth info check out Katie's Year of the Metal Ox Feng Shui Forecast (available for a limited time). If you buy the Insider's Gold Package, you'll find me there as an active Ambassador.

Before you apply any enhancements or remedies, you'll want to take care of the Feng Shui basics first:

orderliness and cleanliness

Last year I was working with a client who was stuck in his business endeavors. He desperately needed new clients but every potential client ended up leaving for one reason or another. We decided to balance the Feng Shui in his office. He had piles of old papers lying around that he knew he needed to deal with and file. As the years went on these piles had gotten out of control and hard to deal with. We worked together to create a Tiny Habits® so he could begin dealing with the paper without feeling overwhelmed by the process.

“After I sit down at my desk I will clear five sheets of paper”

Focusing on five sheets of paper a day was a lot easier than thinking about years' worth of papers to file.

Almost immediately, as the stagnant energy was cleared, he began getting new clients.

The Tiny Habits® plus Feng Shui = Gold!

Both Feng Shui and Tiny Habits® can be used together as an act of self-care. Self-care towards your energy and your environment.

The question I get asked a lot is about how to get others in your home onboard. For years I lived with a messy human and found it hard to continue a Feng Shui process when he seemed to not notice or care about keeping space clear or the way energy moves through space.

I used to clean his space, setting it up for prosperity and wealth, and within a couple of days, it was back to the crumply mess it was before. This left me with resentment but helped me to realize that it is not my responsibility to clear your space.

You just focus on what you can do. Stay focused on what is yours to clear while extending compassion to the other person.

If you have children you can get them involved. Clear the table, empty the dishwasher. Use Tiny Habits® around keeping things clean.

You’ll surprise yourself. Once you start shifting others may begin to do the same just by the environment shifting. In fact, one woman I collaborate with has a partner who borders on being a hoarder. She took my advice and cleared her own space and unexpectedly and miraculously her partner began to clear out his space as well!

As you harness control over your environment things shift in your mind and energy field. Sometimes it’s subtle, but you will notice a change.

If you are interested in diving deeper into Flying Star Feng Shui, and how the use of Tiny Habits® can help activate your environment, reach out to me with your questions.

As we end the Year of the (cunning) Rat and move towards the steadfast Year of the Ox in 2021 I can see more dominant energy shifts. We may not be able to control our political climate, but we can manage and work in harmony with the energy that surrounds us.

It’s amazing how things shift when you shift. Flying Star Feng Shui helps you do just that, Shift. So you can be prepared for change in the season, in the election, in the new year, and all that is going on in your life.

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