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Pair Your Natural Ability with Persistency to Succeed in Life

Take Your Knack and Dig In!

We all have a knack for something. Those things that we are naturally good at. Gifts from God/Universe/Spirit/insert-your-word-of-choice-here. You know when you see someone in their element because they shine.

Micheal Jordan, Albert Einstein, Jimi Hendrix, Jane Goodall, Oprah Winfrey. We know these names because these are people who took their gifts and developed them into greatness.

What about you?

  • What’s your natural gift?

  • What comes naturally to you?

  • What are you doing on a daily basis to utilize your gifts?

There's a lot of talk these days about following your passion and living your dream life. The problem is most of us don’t have one passion and can’t even articulate what the life of our dreams looks like. We can however identify those things we are naturally good at. There’s not a lot of pressure in this area so it’s easier to pinpoint.

Maybe you fancy yourself a Martha Stewart type decorator. You’ve always had a knack for taking paper products and cutting them into a masterpiece that blow everyone's mind.

Cooking might be your go to. After all, you can easily identify the flavors involved and find it easy to recreate that fancy dinner from a night on the town. #sadlynotmygift

We know what our natural talents are. For me it’s public speaking, teaching and leading workshops. Where others would rather die than talk before a big audience, I thrive!. I feel like a musician doing a solo and riffing on their guitar. I know the basic notes I want to address and I can flow with the energy of the group in front of me. I feel alive and ready to interact. Much like a baker knows how to add different and unusual ingredients to make their pastries pop.

The chicken or the egg question of what determines how successful you will be in the pursuit of your dreams...Who goes further, the naturally talented or the hard worker?

The most successful people have both.

You will always go further in the activities you have a strong interest in. That’s not to say you don’t need to put in the work. When you use your natural talents to move you forward you can get there faster. Doing the research on things you enjoy is always more pleasurable than staring down a daunting task. (Trust me, I know.)

Persistency + Passion is the secret to any success story.

Finding the balance between passion and work ethic is what will sustain you. This is one of the reasons why healthy daily routines are so important. And it’s important to implement them now! Once you identify your knack or natural talent. Begin utilizing it to move you forward by creating Tiny Habit Recipes for those times when your motivation is a bit lower. If you are stuck, you can find some good recipes here. Remember, when your motivation is high you can do really hard things, but when your motivation is low, choose something easier to do.

When I opened my retail store in LA I was passionate about creating a community around handmade and quirky fun gifts. In a 5000 square foot two story store, I painted every of it top to bottom, inside and out. Others looked at that and said “Wow! Thanks a lot of hard work!” But to me, it didn’t feel that way because of the passion behind the effort. This is a clear example of passion plus persistency paying off.

Although I detest hard work, (yes, I said that!) I believe it should be praised because it will help you through your growing edge. You will come up against walls as you grow as a professional. You might find you need to side-step in order to move forward. You might need to learn some computer skills or financial information to take charge in your life. And you may not necessarily enjoy doing these things. Hard work comes in handy when it’s time to persevere.

Your natural ability is your silver lining. You push yourself to greatness by mastering this ability. Mastering anything takes time and consistency & persistence . . persistency

Take Micheal Jordan who was cut from his high school basketball team and told he didn’t have what it takes (and perhaps at the time he didn’t). But he put in hours of dedicated hard work behind his love for the game and came out on top. He won the long game.

Natural talent plus hard work helped Micheal Jordan rise to basketball fame.

Don’t know what you're naturally good at?

What can you talk about all day? Maybe you never get tired of having conversations about public art or local politics. You might not feel like these are your knacks, but anything you put your energy towards you naturally become better at.

I know a lot of amazing artists who create masterpieces but cannot see the talent they produce. This is heartbreaking and very common. When you excel at something it becomes so familiar to you that you can forget how much talent and knowledge you possess around it.

If trying to figure out your knack seems overwhelming, try breaking it down. You can ask trusted friends what you’re naturally good at or places they see you shine. It might surprise you to hear what they have to say. It might be things that are such a part of who you are that you don’t even consider them special. Things like…

  • How your smile lights up a room

  • That you are always available to lend a helping hand

  • You allow space for others to vent

  • The thoughtful gifts you are always giving

  • Fabulous dinner parties

  • Ability to talk to anyone about anything

You can start to see how these natural knacks can come into play and work for you in life. Pair them with your career and you are on your way to big success!

Take time to reflect on those things you enjoy doing. We move much faster in life and with more ease when we are doing something we love. And, I speak from experience here!

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