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Top Five Clubhouse Pro Tips

Hacks & Tricks for a Better Experience

If you hopped on Clubhouse, the new voice-only social media app, early, you probably know your way around, but maybe not the easiest ways. In addition, the app is consistently shipping new updates, so it can be a challenge to stay on top of everything new.

Here are five pro tips to up your Clubhouse game.

1 - Set Your Audio Quality to High

By default the audio quality on Clubhouse is set to Normal. In recent months, they've actually improved the quality of Normal which is great. But, in an audio only app, you want to sound fantastic when you're on stage so setting your audio quality to High will do that for you. Here's how you do it:

When you are on stage, hit the three dots at the top. A menu will pop up at the bottom of your screen and you simply select High. Boom! Done! Note: you won't hear the difference, but everyone in the room will and that's the point.

2 - Quickly Change Your Photo for a PTR (Pull to Refresh)

You can always change your profile picture by tapping on it while you are in the room, then tapping it again when your profile comes up, but that can take a long time and be cumbersome. Here's what to do instead:

When you are in a room, long press on your image in the upper right hand corner (not your image that is in the audience or on stage). This will automatically take you to your camera roll so you can choose your new image quickly.

3 - Quickly View the Hallway

When you are in a room, the Hallway is clearly marked at the top left of your screen, but you can quickly reach it by swiping down between the Leave Quietly button and the + icon. Voila, now you can see what else is going on in the Clubhouse world.

4 - See Speakers from Recent Rooms

Maybe you've left a room and realized you didn't follow one of the speakers, but can't quite remember their name to search. Do this:

From the Hallway, tap the magnifying glass in the upper left corner. Then tap the "recycle person" icon on the right of the next screen. If you've been in a room for more than two minutes, it will show you who was on stage. This only works for rooms you've been in for the last ten days.

5 - Change the Skin Tone of Your Raise Hand Icon

Yep, you can do this! From inside a room, long press (tap and hold) on the raise hand icon. You'll have five different color options that should follow you from room to room!

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