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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Great Info Brought to You from the Comfort of Your Own Phone

Odds are you’ve heard of Clubhouse by now, but you haven’t joined. Who needs a new social media platform anyway right? But then what's all the buzz about? This invite-only platform offers something that no one else has...exclusivity (at least for now) and, more importantly, meaningful connection.

It’s a throwback to a members' only time in our history. One must secure an invite to get in. I recently joined after BJFogg, author of Tiny Habits® shared its potential and encouraged all the Tiny Habits coaches to participate.

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio based social media app. The idea is to create a place for people around the world to connect, share ideas, tell stories, and learn.

Imagine being at a house party. You can move from room to room and check the vibe. Either you are interested and stay, or you move on. This is how I see Clubhouse. It’s all real time, nothing is recorded, so unlike YouTube you can’t say “oh I’ll watch that later.” It’s now or never. I love that because it keeps me from spending too much time in a space that isn’t beneficial for me.

You can go from room to room and hear different people talk about different subjects. I mean anything. Yesterday I was strolling through and saw these rooms:

  • How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Rice

  • WandaVision (Positive Theories only)

  • Honoring Your Indigenous Culture in Today's World

  • NFTs What They're Not Telling You

...and, of course, a few Tiny Habits coaches talking about How to Handle Your Inner Critic. My favorite room is one that BJ hosts when he can: Birds of Maui. It's a literal livestream of the morning cacophony of birds outside his home on Maui. It reminds me of my many friends on the island and the many good times my family has had there.

Tiny Habits is doing some amazing things on Clubhouse. Dr. BJ Fogg, creator of Tiny Habits is teaching his Spring semester class at Stanford about how to use Clubhouse to help people create healthy habits. Perhaps someday professors from all over will be using this platform to educate and empower.

I mean how cool is that!

And you never quite know who will be in a room, so it gives you access to a group of speakers you might not otherwise have access to.

I like Clubhouse because I’m a speaker and it allows me to share my ideas with like-minded people. People who might not necessarily be at one of my webinars.

I host rooms to help Tiny Habits coaches practice their work. I share rooms with my colleagues to support people in creating healthy habits. It's one of my favorite things to do!

You can have people up on stage and help them be heard and seen and support them in designing solutions that are a good fit for them. There are so many people who want to make a big impact in their community and are looking to design the habits that will get them there. It's an honor to be supporting them.

Clubhouse has offered me a way to be in service that I couldn’t have done anywhere else.

It helps me connect with what people are looking for and helps me fine-tune my responses to people. In today's world mostly this has been done through chat so there is always a delay.

Clubhouse takes out the delay. It’s real people in real time getting real help...at least in my rooms.

All the Tiny Habits rooms are full of value and a safe place to share and learn. We go deep. Not only helping people create healthy habits, but teaching the mechanics of the Tiny Habits method and helping other coaches get comfortable with Clubhouse. This is a safe space to allow the new coaches to practice. It’s a lot of navigation and no one wants to looks stupid on social media. This is a space to work out the kinks.

Who is Using Clubhouse?

For starters there's a long list of health and wellness experts as well as celebrities and authors who are hosting rooms. This alone creates a huge buzz because you get a chance to hear them in real time and even participate in a conversation.

People from every background are joining the growing ranks offering new opportunities to grow your audience and put you in front of leaders in your industry. Connecting in the true sense of the word.

Women professionals are sharing in real time their work and experience. Supporting each other's growth has been huge. If you are in a room, and brave enough to interact, it allows you to connect with a wider variety of people to collaborate with.

In the past, I’ve paid good money and travelled cross country to get in a room with my favorite teachers and Clubhouse just brought those high-level leaders to me.

Realtime Benefits

One of the more appealing aspects is that nothing is recorded. You really are in a room listening to a speaker live each and every time. You can scroll the different rooms and topics and see where your friends are and who’s speaking at what time. You can raise your hand and have your questions answered on the spot. The amount of information you can gather here is huge!

The downside is that, right now, you have to have an iPhone. And, like all things, you will come across people using it inappropriately, like hard sales and false information. You have to use your judgment.

I got an Invite! Now what?

Download the app! It will ask you for your invitation code and verify it. If you have a Twitter account or Instagram it will pull all that information over for you, then lead you through the normal “things I’m interested in” page. From there it will show you who’s already on Clubhouse that you might already know and people they suggest based on input so far. Then you’re set. You will see upcoming events and events currently taking place. (If you need an invite, reach out: Andrea.Spyros@TinyHabitsCoach.com.)

Soon this platform will be more readily available and who knows how it will change. But for now it’s been a good ride full of educational experiences.

Have fun with it. Participate, go deep with people, explore. Follow me and follow the Tiny Habits Club and you'll get notifications of when I am speaking. You can also see our calendar here.

It’s great for Q&A, the rooms are organic, evolving, and responsive. You have the flexibility to come and go on your time, and it draws community together.

It’s a good fit for me. Gives me an opportunity to speak where I couldn’t before. Opens me up to connecting and meeting the right people. I’m able to plant seeds to a wider audience and see where it takes me.

Bottom line it’s fun to share and collaborate with people I might not have access to otherwise...and that is my metric, have fun!

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