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When You’re Living in Alignment Life Vibrates with You

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Tap into a new Vibration and feel your mind and body align.

Think of a time recently where life was unfolding for you without any effort.

You know, the days that just work.

  • You woke up before your alarm and felt rested

  • Your hair was looking flawless

  • Green lights all the way to your destination

  • The person in front of you in line bought your coffee as an act of goodwill

  • The attractive receptionist is flirting with you

  • A new amazing client dropped in your lap

I mean, you are it today girl!

Do you ever wonder why some days become a series of amazing events, while others unfold more like a series of unfortunate events?

It’s all about alignment. When you're in a good mood it sends out a vibration to your environment that things are good. You automatically become more aligned with a generous universe.

And on those other days where the hits just keep on coming, well…

You have to check your alignment.

I’m not saying that when you are living in alignment unpleasant things won’t happen. They will. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with you if you find yourself out of alignment. There’s not. I am telling you that your reaction to those things won’t pull you under. And that’s how you really know you’re in alignment.

Alignment works both ways. You take a step towards living in alignment, and alignment will take a step closer to you.

The universe will always show you what you are looking for. It wants to be in alignment with the vibration you put out.

This is why we notice the destructive patterns of our friends. Those who can’t seem to break through a cycle of dieting or unhealthy partners. They want something in their minds, but part of them isn’t aligned inside and so that isn’t the vibration they put out.*

How do you know if you’re out of alignment?

Raising kids is a fast way to find out if you're living in alignment. How often do we tell children one thing and do another?

When my children were little there was a sign in their room with many inspiring phrases encouraging them to live their best lives and never settle for less.

We talk openly about staying in alignment. I train them to focus on what they want and to recognize what wasn't working and make adjustments and not put too much energy into things they don't want.

I realized through those conversations that I was telling my children the importance of alignment while allowing myself to remain stuck.

At the time these conversations with my children were happening, I owned a very successful gift shop in Los Angeles. I had poured years of love and work into making it function at the level it did. But I knew deep down that in order to continue my own growth it was time to let go of that dream and let my next chapter emerge.

Staff and customers were like family, media attention and neighborhood support was an everyday occurrence, yet something within me had become out of alignment and I knew it.

It took my breath away when I realized I was telling my children to live passionately while I maintained a dream to suit the needs of others.

In other words…

I was out of alignment

Working my way back into alignment took some messy work. I made myself wrong for having a bad vibration, for having negative feelings. I judged myself. Who was I to walk away from a successful business? To let down loyal employees and long-time customers? Who was I to acknowledge my own needs? Maybe you’ve done something similar?

Please. Don’t. Do. That.

Ignoring all that, I marched on. As women we tend to march on and my superpower was marching on. Not letting anyone see the cracks in my thinking. In my self doubt. The more I tried to hold on to this dying dream the more out of alignment I fell.

It came as a shock to everyone when I announced I would be selling the store.

And although that was a bumpy road, by the time all the work had been dealt with I was a master mountain biker. Unfazed by the dips and turns because my alignment was back.

I am confident you have found yourself in a similar situation. Standing at a fork in the road, unclear of which path to take. Or worse, knowing which path to take but too concerned with who might be upset if you walk it or maybe even too scared to walk it alone. (I was.)

Sometimes in life we set up a little camp for ourselves at that crossroad. We even begin to guide others which path is more scenic or has fewer twists and turns. We feel productive, we feel successful, we think we’re changing and growing.

But we are stuck.

Not realizing we are keeping ourselves there and fooling ourselves we are moving forward when we are not.

Then one day you decide to start walking down the path. A ripple in the universe begins to align you to the amazing things you will see along the way. It may still be bumpy, but you see the dappling of light among the trees and the gentle flowers unfolding their petals and you feel supported by the ground beneath you.

You begin to wonder why you stayed at the crossroads for so long when this amazing waterfall was right around the corner. (However long you stayed there, it was perfect for you and when you chose to move forward was also perfect for you!)

It all begins with alignment

Manifest Your Destiny

One of my favorite things about getting yourself aligned with your beliefs is that you start to see tiny miracles all around you.

You’ve heard it said that if you want your life to be a certain way that you need to begin to align with that energy. Well it’s true. If you want to start eating healthier, you’ll begin to notice healthier options on the menu. You may even notice the times you are already eating well. After all you did have that one vegetable that one time, and you didn’t have brownies for every meal yesterday. That’s you tuning into a new vibration.

The life you want becomes a reality when you are in alignment to that reality*.

I have a friend who’s super good at manifesting things in her life. She just announces it to the universe and knows it’s meant to be. And it works for her because she’s aligned to it. (Truth, sometimes I hate that.)

You can start to play with it. Let’s say you are looking to purchase a new car. You want a new Porsche. A White Porsche Cayenne. What starts to happen…

You start to see White Porsche Cayennes everywhere you look. (There's a reason for this. It's called the Reticular Activating System in your brain.)

So play with it. (And I mean, play, not control.)

For me it’s parking spaces. I always get a good parking space. And I always get a good parking space. Sometimes if I’m headed somewhere super busy like a baseball game or a concert I'll say out loud to myself, “wow it’s packed! Good thing I always find a good parking spot.” Then I just let the universe bring it to me.

Test it out and let me know how it goes.

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*Note: I feel the need to be very clear and emphasize the fact that while alignment is the key to having what you want in life, in no way am I saying that you are causing bad things to happen to you (especially traumatic events) or that you are responsible for the bad acts of others. I write this particular piece largely for those who are not yet aware of the concept of alignment and/or have a lot of unconscious patterns of thoughts, speech, actions, feelings etc. Simply becoming aware of these can dramatically shift the quality of your life if this is you. I, myself, have experienced some traumatic events and simply being aware of how I was replaying the events in my mind was a first step toward true healing. That said, even in those times, I enjoyed manifesting a cup of coffee or a parking space.

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